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Samantha's Surprise - Paperback

Item# D1662

Samantha hopes for the best Christmas ever—but a surprise guest could make everything go wrong.

Through August 27, $1 of every book purchased through American Girl goes to Save the Children's U.S. Literacy Program (up to a maximum of $100,000)--see details.
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Product Description

Samantha hopes for the best Christmas ever. But things start to go wrong when Uncle Gard brings a special friend home for the holidays. Author: Susan S. Adler. Paperback or Hardcover. 88 pages.

Third in a series of six historical books filled with inspiring lessons of compassion, courage, and friendship. Samantha’s entire book set includes: Meet Samantha; Samantha Learns a Lesson; Samantha’s Surprise; Happy Birthday, Samantha!; Samantha Saves the Day; and Changes for Samantha.