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Emily’s Accessories

Item# F5158
Emily may be far from home, but she has a few special things that remind her of all the people who love her back in England. Holding these mementos close is important to her, and keeps her hope alive. Her accessories set includes:
  • An ivory knit, button-up cardigan that was a gift from her Aunt Primrose
  • A scrapbook that's filled with news clippings, as well as photos of her family and the British princesses. The photos have self-adhesive backing and can be placed in the scrapbook.
  • Her grandfather's World War One dog tags, which Emily can wear as a necklace to remind her to be a brave English soldier
  • A replica British ration book with a special message from Mum
  • A shiny metal reproduction English three-pence coin
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Explore Molly’s world:
Molly dreams of performing as “Miss Victory” to show her support during World War Two.