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Molly’s Schoolbag Set

Item# F5433
Molly loves her third-grade teacher, Miss Campbell, who is engaged to a soldier. Send Molly off to school to study multiplication, English, and geography with this set that includes:
  • A bright red schoolbag with a working buckle, a handle, and a shoulder strap, plus a tag with her name
  • A three-ring binder with plastic rings that open and close to hold real paper
  • A blue canvas pencil case that can snap into the binder and holds her eraser and two miniature pencils
  • A 32-page English book filled with pictures and real lessons
  • A pack of tiny flash cards to practice math
  • Molly's report card
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Please Note:
  • Quantity limited to three per order.
Explore Molly’s world:
Molly dreams of performing as “Miss Victory” to show her support during World War Two.