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Julie's Banana Seat Bike

Item# F9984
America celebrated its Bicentennial in Julie's day, and her patriotic bike is perfect for a 4th of July parade. Nutmeg, her pet rabbit, can even go along for a ride in the basket. Her bike features:
  • Authentic metal design inspired by bikes from the 1970s
  • Wheels that actually roll
  • Tall handlebars with straps to secure her hands
  • An integrated stand that holds it upright for easy play
  • Ribbon streamers on the handlebars and starry decorations on the banana seat and wheels
  • A '70s-style California license plate and a faux-woven basket trimmed with flowers
Please Note:
  • Cannot be gift wrapped.
  • Kids didn't often wear bike helmets in the 1970s. Please wear a helmet whenever you ride.
Product Specifications

L: 17" x H: 13 1/4" x D: 8" (US)

L: 43.2 cm x H: 33.7 x D: 20.3 cm (metric)