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Lady Margaret's Ghost: A Felicity Mystery - Paperback

Item# F9641
Odd and eerie things begin to happen after family heirlooms arrive at the Merrimans’ home—could the objects be haunted? Learn more...
Product Description
Felicity Merriman has just said good-bye to her mother, who's going on a trip and leaving Felicity in charge of the house. Mother's carriage has barely left before a surprise package arrives, holding silver heirlooms that have been passed down in the Merriman family for a hundred years. Felicity doesn't believe in ghosts ... but what else can explain the odd and eerie things that begin to happen once the heirlooms arrive? Includes an illustrated "Looking Back" essay that provides facts about Felicity's time. By Elizabeth McDavid Jones. 184 pages. Paperback. (ages 9+)
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