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Addy Learns a Lesson - Paperback

Item# D0936

Addy starts her new life in Philadelphia and goes to school for the first time.

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Explore Addy’s world:
Addy escapes to freedom, and now she wants to re-unite her family. Can she do it?
Product Description

Addy starts her new life in Philadelphia. At school for the first time, she learns about reading and writing—and more. Author: Connie Porter. Paperback. 88 pages.

Second in a series of six historical books filled with inspiring lessons of compassion, courage, and friendship. Addy’s entire book set includes: Meet Addy; Addy Learns a Lesson; Addy’s Surprise; Happy Birthday, Addy!; Addy Saves the Day; and Changes for Addy.

  • The Addy Book Series is the winner of the 1994 Book of the Year, Blackboard African American Best Sellers, Inc.