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Clues in the Shadows: A Molly Mystery - Paperback

Item# G0226
Late at night, someone is sneaking into Molly’s backyard—and messing with the scrap metal she’s collecting to help America win World War Two. Learn more...
Product Description
Molly still does her patriotic duty to help America win World War Two, but in the spring of 1945 she's weary and troubled. Dad is home safe...but he seems different now. Her archrival at school is driving her crazy. And someone is sneaking into the backyard shed and messing with the scrap she's collecting for a wartime drive. Is the intruder her classmate, her own brother—or a prowler in the night? An illustrated "Looking Back" discusses the challenges that faced veterans' families. By Kathleen Ernst. 192 pages. Paperback. (ages 9+)