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Marie-Grace & Cécile Boxed Set - Paperback

Item# G1362
This keepsake boxed set includes all six illustrated books about historical characters Cécile and Marie-Grace, friends who are growing up in 1850s New Orleans. The box opens up to reveal a fun-filled board game—"Cécile's and Marie-Grace's Favorite Things"—where girls collect cards and earn points. The board game and playing pieces tuck into a storage pouch that folds-up with an elegant ribbon closure. The girls' stories, which are woven together in one six-book set and written by two different authors, include Meet Marie-Grace, Meet Cécile, Marie-Grace and the Orphans, Troubles for Cécile, Marie-Grace Makes a Difference, and Cécile's Gift. Authors: Sarah Masters Buckey and Denise Lewis Patrick. Paperback. Ages 8+
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Explore Marie-Grace and Cécile’s world:
Meet these newfound friends who learn
that together, you can face anything.