Doll Storage

Is the American Girl doll in your house always on the go? Or does she prefer the comforts of home? Either way, you'll find tips here for properly storing her, as well as everything from carriers to cabinets to keep your doll, plus her outfits and accessories, looking beautiful and in shape to be passed on.

The perfect place for your doll

Whether your girl likes to take her doll everywhere she goes or store her in a special place in her room, you'll find totes, carriers, cabinets, front packs, and backpacks made especially for American Girl dolls.

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Store your doll safely to keep her looking like new

  • When she's not being played with, place your doll in our doll stand or in one of our storage cabinets.
  • Always keep her in a cool, dry place. The top shelf in a closet or in a box under a bed are ideal locations; garages and unfinished basements aren't.
  • Avoid places of extreme heat and damp or wet areas where mold might grow.
  • Avoid leaving her in the sun for long periods of time—that includes hot cars.
  • Before you store your doll, dress her in an original American Girl outfit. Our clothing uses special colorfast fabrics so the dye won't transfer and stain your doll's porous vinyl skin.
  • Remove any accessories, such as bracelets or necklaces. Prolonged contact with your doll's skin can leave a mark or stain.
  • Make sure to brush her hair properly before you store her.
  • Avoid putting her away with barrettes or hairbands in, since they can leave marks in her hair.
  • If your doll came with her hair in a particular style—like Molly and Kaya's braids—it's OK to revert to the original style before you store them.