Use the chart below to order the correct size. If you have questions about size or fit, call 800-360-1861. Measurements are in inchescentimeters.

Little girl footwear chart

(includes Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins)

Foot length is measured from the heel to the longest toe while the child is standing in bare feet with equal weight on each foot. Always measure both feet and use the larger size for ordering. For wider feet or half sizes, order one size larger.

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Shoe size Conversion size Measurement
5 Small 4-13/16"12.2 cm
6 Small 5-1/813
7 Medium 5-1/214
8 Medium 5-13/1614.8
9 Large 6-1/815.6
10 Large 6-1/216.5
11 Large 6-13/1617.3
12 X-large 7-1/818.1
13 X-large 7-1/219.1
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